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Intimate spot

A place to reflect, spark conversation and make new connections.
During the Georgian era, romantic literature surged. It celebrated the power of imagination, individual emotion, and the sublime beauty of nature. It created prolific authors and poets such as Jane Austen, John Keates and Mary Shelley. Start the next chapter of your story in our divine snug.

The place to meet A hub for conversation

Drawing influence from the popular Bath Assembly Halls, our new intimate space; the snug will be adorned with plush, ornate upholsteries and patterned tapestries. Find a corner, or a cosy seat and relax like the Georgians over a post-dinner port or a refreshing gin and tonic. The snug will be a place to spark conversation and imagination. A space for reflection over herbal tea after a spa treatment with friends, a place to learn, grow your network and connect at local events or work during the day. We are creating a space where you will feel at your very best.  Where really special moments will be created and big decisions will be made.