Are you a people person with a passion for hospitality or looking for your first job in the exciting world of hotels? We're seeking friendly, engaging and talented people to fill a whole host of positions here at Francis Hotel, from entry-level to senior roles.


If you’ve got a star-spangled track record in hospitality, we can’t wait to talk – and if you have no experience at all but an attitude that’s brighter than your CV, we can train you in the skills you need to shine. As the leading destination hotel in Bath, we’re particularly passionate about hiring people who have a genuine love for our town whether you’re from the area, or keen to relocate. We take pride in introducing our guests to the many unique attractions our historic spa town has to offer – and if you share our thirst for providing a first-class service, you’ll fit right in.

Our culture
Hospitality is our trade, pleasing people is what drives us. We put the needs and wishes of our guests first – we care for them and go the extra mile to ensure their wellbeing and maximise their comfort and enjoyment.

We are innovators – we stand for bringing guests’ dreams to life. We welcome bright ideas and see every new venture as an opportunity to improve and learn. We make the impossible possible and have fun doing it. We believe in natural kindness – we support and value each individual and acknowledge their value. We deliver on our commitments – we say what we do and we do what we say. We offer a supportive and nurturing environment for all staff with a commitment to professional development to help our people flourish.

On the winning team

What makes our team so special? We offer 18-month apprenticeships, including highly accredited business management courses, for all staff at all levels. It’s worth every penny – we see the positive results of investing in our people every day. We’re also enormously proud of the way our team has championed our sustainability initiatives and participated in our regular fund-raising activities to support our fantastic local charities and community programmes.

Current vacancies
Check out our current vacancy list. Simply select Bath and Northeast Somerset under ‘Cities’, for the latest opportunities at Francis Hotel.

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