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The Townhouse Brasserie

Timeless elegance and Georgian opulence
The Townhouse Brasserie combines sustainable local produce with the exotic flavours of the Georgian era, creating a dining experience rich in history and contemporary flair, perfect for gatherings and celebrations.

A blend of heritage and modern culinary artistry

The Townhouse Brasserie promises to deliver an exceptional and vibrant food and drink scene to the Bath community, offering a modern interpretation of the classically chic yet vibrant and ageless British brasseries of old.

In homage to the heritage of The Francis Hotel and its conception by the esteemed architect John Wood the Elder, the re-imagination of the restaurant and bar is a marvellous reincarnation that fondly nods to its English roots. This transformation playfully and effortlessly elevates the aesthetic, experience, and menu to new levels of timeless creativity and vibrancy.

Reflecting the opulence of the Georgian era, The Townhouse Brasserie combines sustainable local produce with the exotic ingredients once treasured by the wealthy elite. Expect the finest locally sourced meats and fresh, seasonal vegetables, paired with the luxurious flavours of seafood and tropical fruits such as pineapple, much admired in Georgian times. The Georgians loved to entertain, and dinner was always a feast to be savoured with family and friends. This harmonious blend of regional and exotic ingredients ensures a dining experience that is both rich in history and full of contemporary flair, creating the perfect setting for gatherings and celebrations.