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Expertly crafted

The next new hot meeting spot in Bath
Browse the menu for expertly crafted cocktails, premium spirits and hand-picked wines.
Let our new bar welcome you and be drawn in by it's inviting atmosphere, abuzz with conversations. It is destined to become Bath's next favourite meeting point.

The place to be A nod to the popular assembly halls of the era.

Thriving in the Georgian era, assembly halls were not just grand ballrooms but were also vibrant social hubs for everyone to meet, be seen and socialise. Grand and versatile these opulent spaces attracted wealthy patrons and were abuzz with conversation and music.

Inspired by this rich tradition, our new bar will capture that same energy. Locals and guests at will be drawn to the inviting atmosphere and it will soon become the next hot meeting point in the heart of Bath. A stylish place, buzzing with conversions and energy along with the clinking of glasses. The bar will showcase an array of potions and elixirs, dispensing the most creative cocktails, premium spirits and hand-picked wines.